David Merleau - Independent Radio Maker and Media Artist

Huntsville, Ontario, Canada




Explore the stunning similarities between ant colonies and human societies in this choose-your-own-adventure where your sensory experiences change how the stories unravel.  AntVenture can be used anywhere in the world. 

Inhabit the ants in your world with this interactive storytelling walking app.   

For iOS and Android download, August 2023.  

Many talented people are contributing to the AntVenture project. Fred Adam and Carlos Garcia (Spain) are the app and online development team, , original music created by Emilyn Stam and John Williams (Toronto CA), the voice of the ants by Tracy Michailidis (Toronto).  Script-editing by Mario el Jamal (Ottawa CA), and fact Checking by Dr. Terry McGlynn (San Diego USA).  Recorded at Ken Whiteley Studios (Toronto) by Nik Tjelios.

AntVenture was researched, written, produced and narrated by David Merleau. 

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. And many thanks to those who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.  



A GPS-Triggered Audio Storytelling App that bridges the Digital/Fungal divide.  Site-specific audio drama that brings a voice to Northern Ontario trees in a most intriguing way.

What would it sound like if trees collaborated to communicate to humans?  To tell us we should stop cutting them down by hacking into our digital telecommunications grids?  

So far, there are two sites:

  • The Laurier Woods conservation Area, North Bay ON;
  • White Bear Old Growth Forest, Temagami ON.

If you ever find yourself in Northern Ontario, drop us a line,


For more: www.ForestTalkRadio.ca


The Elephant Adventure

A World's End Workshop

Add your story to this global digital map during this collaborative workshop where we explore the theory and practice of geo-located audio storytelling. Facilitated by David Merleau, Fred Adam and Geert Vermeire.  Hosted by supercluster.eu and cgeomap.eu

Collaborate with creatives around the world to explore the emotional dimension of our global pandemic and the space for nature in our post-pandemic world. Would you like the World's End Elephant workshop as part of your online festival programming?  elephant@hearyouare.ca

To set the scene:


David is a folktale storyteller and radio maker with a background in ecology. These facets inform his site-specific installations and his new-media works, locative-storytelling apps that playfully explore the hidden structures that underpin our human experience. These stories are inspired by science and blend walking meditation with Orson Welles-style radio theatre.

For four years he managed the Radio and Podcast Development Program for the Storytellers of Canada, and his short documentaries have aired on CBC Radio.